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Harlem Heights Dental Care

January 24, 2019

Family Dental Care in Harlem Heights

Harlem Heights Dental Care

At McGregor Dental at McGregor Point, we know that half the battle of keeping your child's teeth strong and healthy is actually getting them to the office in the first place. To a child's mind, a dentist's office can seem scary at first, but it doesn't have to be that way. Our Harlem Heights dental care is dedicated to making the experience less stressful, for your child and for you. Our pediatric dentist and our entire staff have created an environment that is welcoming and non-threatening. You could even say it's fun. We're not saying that a trip for a dental visit will rank up there with going to a bouncy castle in the eyes of your child, but it should be free of anxiety.

The very first session with our Harlem Heights dental care is centered around allowing your child to get acquainted with our dentist and the equipment we have. The more familiar she or he is with everything, the less there will be to fear. A thorough exam will follow. And while we believe in preventing tooth decay whenever possible, detecting it early is the next best thing. This includes a physical and visual inspection of his or her teeth, and x-rays so that even a small cavity can be noticed and treated in a timely manner. Your child's jaws and gums will also be checked. And a teeth cleaning removes any plaque, tartar, and leftover food particles that may be hiding between teeth and in gum pockets.

Maintaining an optimal state of dental health is the next goal. And a big part of that is learning the methods that support that. Our Harlem Heights dental care will keep you informed and answer any questions you may have when it comes to recommendations for nutrition, limiting sugar consumption, proper brushing and flossing, teething, and the role that fluoride treatments can play in protection from cavities in the future. We will help to ensure that your child's primary (baby) teeth remain in top condition so that they fall out on their normal schedule to make room for the permanent (adult) teeth that will follow.

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