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May 15, 2019

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No matter how old you happen to be, it is always important that you do all that you can in order to take care of your teeth and your gums. Doing so is essential for your dental health, your oral hygiene and for your overall wellbeing as well. Dental health is important for the whole family, which is why most people look for family dental care so everyone can get taken care of. If you need a pediatric dentist for your kids, then we here at McGregor Dental at McGregor Point. Our pediatric dentist in Fort Myers can offer your kids the complete dental care that they need in order to grow up with healthy teeth.

Even though kids have baby teeth, which are known for getting loose and falling out at some point, these teeth still need to be taken good care of. Baby teeth act as placeholders for permanent teeth, and in order for permanent teeth to come in as healthily as possible they are best fostered in a mouth that already has good oral hygiene and dental health. If baby teeth are crooked or severely misaligned, then interceptive orthodontics may need to be implemented. This will help prevent the need for more intensive dental work later on when the permanent teeth come in. Since baby teeth are generally sensitive, they need extra care. Primary teeth are more susceptible to issues such as tooth decay, which can sound like a hassle considering just how much kids love sweets – but this is exactly why visiting a pediatric dentist is so helpful. Here at McGregor Dental at McGregor Point, our pediatric dentist in Fort Myers can provide your kids with complete dental exams, full oral health screenings and comprehensive teeth cleanings that will help get rid of any excess, stubborn plaque buildup.

If you are looking for complete family dental care, then you do not need to look any further than McGregor Dental at McGregor Point. Call us today to find out more about our complete list of services. If your child needs a pediatric dentist in Fort Myers, we can set you up with the complete pediatric dental care with the appropriate dentist right away.

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