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Dentures in Fort Myers

April 28, 2015

Fort Myers Restorative Dentist

Dentures in Fort Myers

Losing teeth can be difficult for many reasons. Not only does losing teeth alter the appearance of your mouth, face and smile, but it also affects how well and easily you chew and eat on a daily basis. The absence of teeth can cause a series of dental health issues and concerns, as well. This is why restoring teeth is so important. Here at McGregor Dental at McGregor Point, our restorative dentist can provide you with dentures in Fort Myers that can solve all of these issues easily.

Dentures are used to replace teeth that have been lost. Individuals can lose teeth due to decay, old age, injury or infection. No matter what the reason, this loss of teeth can cause some damage to the supporting bone. Some patients may opt for dental implants, but individuals who are not keen on intensive surgery or have suffered from significant bone loss may be better suited for dentures. Dentures are artificial teeth set into a gum-like base. This base can be adhered to the toothless gums using a safe adhesive paste to ensure comfort and stability while eating, speaking and smiling throughout the day. Dentures can be removed for easy cleaning and storage. Dentures can also be made in different types. Full dentures replace an entire row of teeth, and can be applied to the top row of teeth, the bottom row of teeth or both, depending on your needs. Dentures can also be made into partials, which instead replace smaller clusters of missing teeth, but work in much the same way. Here at McGregor Dental at McGregor Point, our restorative dentist can determine whether dentures are right for you after a thorough consultation and examination. Dr. Shorack can even begin your treatment in order to restore your smile and your bite even sooner.

Replacing missing teeth can restore your appearance, but more importantly it can restore your dental health. Here at McGregor Dental at McGregor Point, our restorative dentist can provide you with the expert advice and care that you need before going ahead and replacing teeth. Dr. Shorack can provide patients with the restoration work that they need, including providing them with customized dentures in Fort Myers.

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