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March 17, 2015

Cypress Lake Dentist

If you have a painful tooth that needs to be removed, you will want to visit McGregor Dental at McGregor Point. Dr. William J. Shorack has been providing expert dental care for the Fort Myers and Sanibel area for over twenty years. While our practice strives to save teeth whenever possible, there are times when dental extractions in Cypress Lake are the only solution to relieve dental pain, or treat a specific tooth problem.

At our practice, we preform necessary tooth extractions, using local anesthesia. There are many reasons why teeth may need to be extracted, and many options as to what can then be done to replace them. One reason why a tooth may need to be extracted is that it is very badly damaged from trauma or decay. Teeth may also need to be extracted because a patient’s mouth is too crowded, or a tooth is so badly infected that it cannot be successfully treated by root canal therapy. Other times, a patient’s compromised immune system makes it dangerous for a patient to have an infected tooth in their mouth. Dental extractions in Cypress Lake can help solve all these problems, and help put patients on the road to recovery.

If a patient has an advanced case of periodontal disease, otherwise known as gum disease, and the surrounding jaw bone and gums are weakened, it may also be necessary for Dr. Shorack to pull a tooth or teeth. It is good to know that once a painful tooth is removed, there are many options available for restoring the lost tooth. Tooth restoration options that Dr. Shorack is highly-trained in include; dental implants; dental bridges; and permanent and removable dentures. Dr. Shorack will be happy to discuss all the treatment options that would work for you regarding tooth restoration. It may be an upsetting prospect to need dental extractions in Cypress Lake. However, it is good to know that this can be just the beginning of eliminating tooth pain from your mouth, and then moving on to having an even better looking and a more functional set of teeth than before. So if you are in need of tooth removal to remove a painful tooth, or for some other medical reason, contact our office for an appointment with our skillful dentist, Dr. William Shorack.

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