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McGregor Dental

August 7, 2012

McGregor Dental | Fort Myers, FL

McGregor Dental

Dr. William J. Shorack is one of the best dentists in the Fort Myers / McGregor Point areas. No one cares more about a communities teeth than Dr. Shorack. The state of the art office is able to give accurate results and highly personalized dental care while being able to be efficient. Your appointment at our McGregor Dental Office in Fort Myers are arranged acknowledging the importance of your time.

Some of our services that can be highlighted in our office are our root canals and periodontal therapy. Root canal therapy is needed when the pulp of a tooth has become affected by decay or infection. The proper techniques provided by our practice at McGregor Dental insure that we do the best we can to save your natural teeth. Periodontal Therapy is required when the gums of the teeth become infected resulting in the loss of teeth. Sometimes a regular cleaning can prevent this gum disease but in more severe cases, this disease can spread to the bone that supports the teeth resulting in tooth loss. Preventative measures are taken at our office to ensure we test, and thoroughly examine your teeth to prevent this disease from damaging your teeth.

McGregor Dental
15271 McGregor Boulevard
Fort Myers, Florida 33908

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